BLOCK-E – Bridging Gap Between Blockchain and Ecommerce


Total Supply : 1,000,000
Circulation Supply : 1,000,000
Tax B/S : 5%/5%

BLOCK-E the true spirit of decentralisation

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Blockchain meets E-commerce, block-e is a crypto-native e-commerce hub

Blockchain technology brings extended opportunities for the e-commerce industry, providing increased safety, complete transparency, anonymity and more. Block-E tackles quite a few problems over traditional ways of finance. Some of them being:

It makes it really simple to purchase any commodity like smartphone for example?

Generally you need to convert native crypto currency to Fiat, which is a tiresome process in itself ( let’s not forget taxes)

It offers complete anonymity with no data saved. Data gets cleared after every 7 days and users can make requests to clean their data at any given time!!! from our server.

One of the major source of revenue for web2.0 companies like google, amazon etc is selling user’s private data.Which is a huge breach in privacy without the consent of user! We completely eliminate that!

This is what web3.0 in true sense is about people connecting with each other without being confined in boundaries of centralisation. Isn’t this what decentralization is actually about?


What Makes US Different

User Friendly UI

Experience the easiest way to shop using Defi wallet

Easily Request Products

With a plethora of products available, you can request the products you want.


Your data is secured using Moralis DB and gets deleted every week

Ease of Access

It provides users a platform to shop and pay with easy steps.

Quick Support

Our support team is always available to resolve all the issues

Track Your Product

Placed orders can be tracked using allotted links anytime


Our Vision and Goal

Our project’s ultimate goal and vision is to make the crypto adaption more appealing to the masses bridging the gap between real word and cryptocurrency’s potential. This will help the e- commerce market take the next leap forward to better serving the people on what they need and when they need it while remaining anon

Crypto adaption

Bridging the gap between real world and crypto

Next Leap in Ecommerce Sector

Web2.0 -> Web3.0

P2P Marketplace

P2P mainnet is live, for testing

Block-E on its core follows true values of decentralisation.

P2P marketplace! Basically silkroad 2.0, People can buy and sell things from each other, in a decentralised way, using P2P marketplace , buying something is as easy as just clicking confirm on MetaMask and bam it’s paid for, the money then is held in escrow and stays there until the product is received by buyer.

  • Crosschain compatibility! 

    Users can make and recieve payments in eth/bsc/avax/polygon by just switching to the Mainnet of their choice.

  • Support for all major stable coins 

    we have also added support for all major stable coins (USDC,USDT,BUSD,DAI) Considering price fluctuations in mind.

  • Support for all major wallets


    Trust Wallet

    Binance Wallet


  • XMR Integration :

    XMR payment gateway integration in Marketplace for increased Anonymity and Privacy.


How It Works

How to shop on Block-E in steps


Log In using your metamask Wallet

Visit and Login using your metamask wallet and browse through plethora of products listed.


Browse and Search Product

Browse through our curated products and categories and search for the product you want to purchase. You can even request your product if it's not available.


Click Buy Now and Fill Delivery Information

Once you have selected the product, click on buy now and fill all the delivery information ie Address , email ( temp mail ), Phone no (optional)


Confirm the transaction and Voilà your order is Placed

Once filled the delivery details, confirm the transaction via metamask prompt and Voila your order is placed, Now Sit Back and Relax your product will be delivered at your door step.