DesignerDon Chadwick and Bill StumpfDate1994Sold byHerman Miller The Aeron chair is an office chair sold by Herman Miller, first released in 1994. It is featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. It was designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf and has received numerous accolades for its industrial design. Available in three sizes, the Aeron’s human-centered design was made with a diverse range of body types in mind.

  • While it’s iconic form has remained unchanged, the Herman Miller Aeron® chair’s materials and performance have been remastered to meet the needs of today’s workers and work spaces.
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  • The 8Z Pellicle fabric allows air, body heat and water vapor to pass through to help maintain even & comfortable skin temperature.
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Herman Miller was a West Michigan businessman who helped his son-in-law, D.J. De Pree, buy the Michigan Star Furniture Company in 1923. De Pree had been working at the company, which opened in 1905, since he was hired in 1909 as a clerk. De Pree knew his father-in-law was a man of integrity, so he decided to rename the company after him. By the middle of the 20th century, the name Herman Miller had become synonymous with modern furniture.

Office chair armpads to refresh the Classic Aeron are available in vinyl and leather. Both basic lumbar support and PostureFit support components are available for the Classic Aeron to ensure a similar level of back support as the Remastered Aeron. Office chair casters are available for both carpets and hard floors; carpet casters are carpet-friendly only.

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Sayl® Chair – Fully Loaded Studio White Frame

Promotions do not include tax, shipping, or sale items. Arms – adjustable arms move 4″ vertically and from 15 degrees outward to 17 1⁄2 degrees inward. Fully adjustable, four dimensional arm option is now available. Height-Adjustable Arms adjust from a height of 6.8 inches above the seat to 10.8 inches above the seat. This gives you the ability to support your arms at a comfortable height. PostureFit SL is an optional lower lumbar back support device available on the Aeron chair. It offers the best lower back support for anyone suffering from lower back pain or discomfort.

The 8Z Pellicle fabric allows air, body heat and water vapor to pass through to help maintain even & comfortable skin temperature. An updated tilt mechanism delivers a smoother trajectory and optimal balance point to keep you in control of your movement. When Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick designed the Aeron Chair, they combined a deep knowledge of human-centered design with never-before-seen technology to create a chair unlike any other. Now Aeron has been remastered in practically every way to create an office chair that better supports people and the types of work we do today. Fast forward to the present, and the same criteria serve as the foundation for a whole new Aeron. The Aeron chair is composed of more than 50 percent recycled material with added ocean-bound plastic, resulting in more than 150 metric tons of plastic diverted from the ecosystem every year.

We value your input and invite you to rate and review your purchases. Be sure to explain why you like or dislike the product, and focus on the product’s features and your own experience using it. If you wish to comment about a product selection, pricing, ordering, delivery, or other issues, please contact our customer support. For help deciding what size Aeron Chair is best for you, or for a more in-depth look at the range of body types best suited to each Aeron Chair size, review Herman Miller’s Aeron size chart. Our Aeron lineup includes four colors inspired by the elements, three sizes, and two stool heights—something for nearly everyone. The price here is slightly cheaper than from the miller site or store.


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Is New Open-Box Aeron Chair on EBAY Actually New?

Discover how Aeron compares to other Herman Miller icons by browsing all Herman Miller office chairs. Originally designed in 1994 by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick and remastered in 2017, the Aeron is an iconic piece and well-known for its revolutionary and ergonomic design. You can find the Aeron in the New York Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. With the adjustable tilt limiter and seat angle adjuster, the Aeron moves with you 24/7.


Mineral is the lightest, ideal for today’s more open environments. With your headrest attached to your chair, micro-adjustments are made freely by hand without having to get up from your chair.. With as almost as many features to adjust the headrest as the chair your neck will thank you.

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Herman Miller continued that legacy in 1994 by partnering with designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. They went about developing an office chair unlike any before it. Bringing together the latest in ergonomic research and design, they developed the legendary Classic Aeron chair, the best selling office chair in the world. I got now a remastered Aeron, and I can say that it is vastly superior. The wheel for adjusting the arm rest height never really worked, the arms slid down, and that could not be repaired.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Featured Size C

It did so by adjusting to fill the void between the contours of the sacral-pelvic area and the backrest. Subsequently, PostureFit has become a critical part of every Herman Miller performance chair. The mesh and the lumbar support were redesigned to ensure this even pressure, with a breathable mesh instead of leather and springs. The new system is made of those two pieces, and feels better. Aeron is available in a palette of four meticulously curated material expressions centered on elements pulled from the earth.

Ergonomic to the core, What is Aeron was designed for a wide range of body types, thanks to the extensive research from designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick nearly 30 years ago. We’ve always known Aeron is good for our bodies – now it’s just as good for our environment too. Celebrated for decades for its innovative, human-centered design, the Herman Miller Aeron is continually recognized as one of the best ergonomic office chairs on the market. It is viewed by many as the pinnacle of ergonomic comfort, featuring a design that prioritizes health and productivity above all else. We’ve always known Aeron is good for our bodies—now it’s just as good for our environment too.

Larger items will be locally delivered at no additional cost within 120 km from our Vancouver showroom location. Please enter your shipping address at checkout to determine if you qualify for local delivery. Level up with Our Headrest for the Aeron Chair Starting at $169 Perfect color matched materials.


“We were given a brief and basically told to design the next-generation office chair,” Chadwick said. Back Support – three back support options to choose from. PostureFit SL ™ support provides a custom fit in the sacral & lumbar regions of the spine, helping to achieve healthier posture and improved lower back comfort. SL refers to the sacral/lumbar region of the spine or the base of the spine up to the midback.

Herman Miller Aeron Sizes

The final difference is the height adjustable lumbar support system. The Classic Aeron features a rubber-like pad that you can slide up and down. You can also take the pad out, flip it over and use it on the other side to have more pronounced lumbar.

A secondary pad provides comfort and support to the lumbar region of the spine. All our Aeron chairs can be customized for optimal comfort. Options include a choice of Zonal basic back support, adjustable lumbar support or adjustable PostureFit SL back support.

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