Name: E Lina Saltzman Nickname(s): Lizzie (everyone) Beginning Day: Gender: cisfemale (she/her) Orientation: bisexual Industry: pupil Deal with Claim: Noor Taher

Species: person originally, vampire Experience: Very energy, awesome speed, awesome agility, super longevity, immortality, super healing, psychological control, increased feelings, brain compulsion, telepathy, fantasy control, shapeshifting. Weaknesses: creature blood, damaged shoulder, the fresh eliminate, desiccation, invitation, secret, bodily stress, poision, sun, werewolf chew

Rosie Forbes ‘s the younger brother away from Caroline Forbes, born when Caroline are a couple months over a year-old. Liz had gone with the work and gave delivery to Rosie to the December 25th 1994. When she was born the lady umbilical cord ended up being wrapped around the lady shoulder in addition to doc hadn’t understood until it actually was as well later to tell Liz to cease pushing. On account of clean air providing cut off from the youngest Forbes in the delivery, the newest doctors informed Liz and Costs you to definitely Rosie is actually deaf. The couple had a hard time understanding how to adapt to increasing children one to did not pay attention to them. Liz thought it might be sensible for all out-of them to see sign vocabulary, Statement while doing so didn’t comprehend the point but the loved ones discovered to indication in any event.

Broadening up, Rosie did not assist getting deaf avoid their from doing some thing, she’d received hearing supporting from the an early age to amplify exactly what appears account she you can expect to pay attention to however it was mainly the newest defeat of songs when played loudly. She learned indication code whenever she was a child and as she had older she educated by herself to read the brand new mouth area regarding those who have been talking to the lady. She don’t let being unable to pay attention to slow her off. She used dance and you will experienced art, generally photographer.

The woman house is create therefore she understands an individual try in the doorway, or in the event the doorway opens to let their understand some one is truth be told there, lights in her own area try rigged so you’re able to flash to get the more youthful blonde’s desire. She including pushes herself metropolitan areas that will be in fact a rider. Rosie is also part of the cheerleading group, captained because of the the woman brother, and you will she actually is just as neurotic as Caroline, a perfectionist that to possess what you go how she preparations they.

Name: Roselind elizabeth(s): Rosie (everyone) Birth Big date: December 25th 1994 Gender: cisfemale (she/her) Orientation: bisexual Industry: beginner Face Allege: Questionnaire Sweeney

Through to understanding brand new supernatural community, Rosie attempts to eliminate the newest craziness, nevertheless when the older sibling are good vampire and everyone wants to use the small sibling resistant to the earlier cousin.

Rosie Forbes is turned into an effective vampire when this woman is 16, following the death of Fresh Vampire Kol Mikaeslon, by the hands away from a great vengeful Klaus, attempting to do to Caroline along with her family whatever they did so you can him, killing a member of family. Klaus wanted to compel this lady to stay peaceful when he to begin with kidnapped the girl, however, because the the woman is deaf she can not be motivated, so she freaked out and you can part him as he protected the lady throat, drawing blood, incase he murdered the lady she had their bloodstream in her system therefore she turned a great vampire. She was not gonna finish the changeover but Liz would not lose their daughter thus she provided herself in order to Rosie to pass through out-of out-of doing brand new change.

Rosie can’t be motivated because of the a distinctive vampire even with becoming turned into an excellent vampire since she however try not to hear her or him.

Lizzie Saltzman

Father: Alaric Saltzman alruhk/due to the fact viewed on the here Mom: Jo Laughlin biological, Meredith Sulez surrogate (Caroline is also the fresh surrogate mommy – depending on the verse) Siblings: Emilio Saltzman°, Josie Saltzman, Cristian Saltzman°, Sabina Saltzman° ° is associated with my personal verse that have strikefirst’s Meredith Sulez

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